Tuesday, 8 July 2014

John Moores Painting Prize - Walker Art Gallery

Neal Rock, Inked Prosperon / 0813
The John Moores Painting Prize is at the Walker Art Gallery until 30 November 2014.
The biennial John Moores is, I think, the best of art competitions. Established in 1957 it has a venerable history and includes amongst its past winners (never mind the roll call of participants) Patrick Heron (1959), Roger Hilton (1963), David Hockney (1967), Euan Uglow (1972), John Hoyland (1982), Lisa Milroy (1989), Peter Doig (1993) and Dan Hays (1997). (See the full list here.) This year's official winner will be announced in September from the shortlist below. However, my winner is Neal Rock (see above) for his exquisite, Baroque extrusions of paint. (Rock is, incidentally, a graduate of Fine Art at the University of Gloucestershire, 1996-9).  
Others which caught my attention include:
Jane Bustin, Christina the Astonishing
James Byrne, Book
Wayne Clough, Citadel
Tim Renshaw, nowhere
Trevor Sutton, Christow
However, the actual shortlist is as follows:
Rae Hicks, Sometimes I Forget That You're Gone
Juliette Losq, Vinculum
Mandy Payne, Brutal
Alessandro Raho, Jessica
Rose Wylie, PV Windows and Floorboards
See a gallery of all the selected work here.

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