Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wilhelm Sasnal - Whitechapel Gallery

Wilhelm Sasnal, Roy Orbison 1, 2007
A major exhibition of work by Polish painter and filmmaker Wilhelm Sasnal is showing at the Whitechapel Gallery until 1 January, 2012. Sasnal makes paintings which are in dialogue with photography and art history - so the show makes for an interesting complement to Gerhard Richter at Tate Modern (see below).
Read reviews by Adrian Searle and Rachel Cooke, and an interview with Ben Luke.
Wilhelm Sasnal, Kacper and Anka, 2009
Wilhelm Sasnal, Kacper, 2009
Wilhelm Sasnal, Power Plant in Iran, 2010
Wilhelm Sasnal, Shoah (Forest), 2003
Wilhelm Sasnal, Maus 5, 2001

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