Thursday, 24 September 2015

Works in Print Graduate Art Prize 2015

Ira Hoffecker- University of Gloucestershire, Marx Engels Forum III, Acrylic and resin on wood board
Great to see 2015 University of Gloucestershire Fine Art graduate Ira Hoffecker shortlisted for the Works in Print Graduate Art Prize. Other art schools represented include Goldsmiths, Camberwell, the Royal College of Art and Falmouth. A selection of the shortlist is shown below, see all 20 selected artworks here. The winner will be chosen by public vote - link to the voting tool here.
Joanna Hulin- Falmouth University, Osiris II, Graphite and mixed media on watercolour paper
Kyounghee Lee- Goldsmiths, University of London, Pieces from ‘A’ Computer: Line Drawings, Framed computer components
Hanqing Ma- Royal College of Art, 143 Second Street, Silver gelatin handprint
Ally McIntyre- Goldsmiths, University of London, Sweet Like Cinnamon, Acrylic on canvas
Scarlet Müller - Royal College of Art, Second Space III, Unique hand printed woodcut 

Jinyong Park - Royal College of Art, Yellow, Pencil and crylic on paper 
George Rouy - Camberwell College of Arts, Untitled, Paintings 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Cosmonauts - The Science Museum

Iraklii Toidze, In the Name of Peace, 1959
Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age is at the Science Museum until 13 March 2016.
1957 - launch of the first artificial stallite, Спу́тник-1 (Sputnik-1)
1957 - first dog to orbit the Earth: Лайка (Laika)
1961 - the first man in space: Ю́рий Гага́рин (Yuri Gagarin), the first cosmonaut, orbited the Earth in Восток-1 (Vostok-1)
1963 - the first woman in space: Валенти́на Терешко́ва (Valentina  Tereshkova) orbited the Earth in Восток-6 (Vostok-6)
This exhibition brings together many of the artefacts associated with these pioneering days of the Soviet Union's achievements in the Space Race with the United States, including the Vostok-6 capsule flown by Valentina Tereshkova. There is also a splendid display of Soviet posters (see below).
Dr Valentina Tereshkova with Vostok 6 in The Science Museum
Read reviews of the exhibition by Rowan Moore and Lucy DaviesRead an article about Valentina Tereshkova in which she reveals that the engineers on her mission had forgotten to programme the craft to descend as well as ascend!
Konstantin Ianov, The road is open for humans!, 1960
Boris Staris, The fairy tale became truth, 1961
Boris Berezovsky, Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union!, 1962
Artist unknown, Our triumph in Space is the hymn to the Soviet country!, 1963
Boris Berezovsky, Glory of the Space Heroes - Glory of the Soviet People!, 1963
U. V.Kershin and G.P. Nadezhdin, Glory to the first woman cosmonaut, 1963
Miron Lukianov and Vasily Ostrovsky, Through the Worlds and Centuries,1965
Artist unknown, Soviet Man, Be Proud! You Discovered the Path to the Stars!, n.d.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lynn Chadwick - Lypiatt Park

In 1958 Lynn Chadwick bought the house and grounds of Lypiatt Park near Stroud in Gloucestershire. According to Wikipedia, Chadwick commented, This place was the same price as a three-bedroom house…and nobody wanted it, so…I borrowed the money and came here. It was sort of wonderful, making another room habitable every year. Later he also acquired more of the surrounding valley in which he placed his work to create a sculpture park. Chadwick died in 2003 but the valley remains as a private sculpture park. A splendid opportunity to visit was offered this weekend through the auspices of the Stroud Civic Society as part of the annual Heritage Open Days scheme.
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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Terry Haggerty - Sikkema Jenkins & Co, NY

Terry Haggerty, Rotational Rest, 2015
Terry Haggerty is at Sikkema Jenkins & Co, New York until 17 October 2015.
Terry Haggerty (BA Fine Art, University of Gloucestershire, 1992) paints rhythmic ribbons of colour on shaped panels of wood and aluminium. The monochrome lines twist and turn through precisely calculated patterns creating a seductive oscillation between flatness and an illusory three dimensionality. The acrylic paint is layered with varnish to create an immaculate finish. Beautiful.
Watch a video interview with Terry Haggerty from 2013.
Terry Haggerty, Relative Density, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Memory Trace, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Easily Lost, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Fuse Link, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Torque, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Hollow Core, 2015