Saturday, 12 September 2015

Terry Haggerty - Sikkema Jenkins & Co, NY

Terry Haggerty, Rotational Rest, 2015
Terry Haggerty is at Sikkema Jenkins & Co, New York until 17 October 2015.
Terry Haggerty (BA Fine Art, University of Gloucestershire, 1992) paints rhythmic ribbons of colour on shaped panels of wood and aluminium. The monochrome lines twist and turn through precisely calculated patterns creating a seductive oscillation between flatness and an illusory three dimensionality. The acrylic paint is layered with varnish to create an immaculate finish. Beautiful.
Watch a video interview with Terry Haggerty from 2013.
Terry Haggerty, Relative Density, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Memory Trace, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Easily Lost, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Fuse Link, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Torque, 2015
Terry Haggerty, Hollow Core, 2015

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