Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fiona Rae - Leeds Art Gallery

Fiona Rae, Grotto, 2005
Rae, who has recently been appointed as Professor of Painting for the Royal Academy Schools is a graduate of Goldsmiths College and was one of the exhibitors in the Freeze exhibitions in 1988. Her eclectic mix of imagery combined with an improvisatory approach to abstraction resukts in strikingly beautiful and individual paintings.
Fiona Rae, Angel, 2000
Fiona Rae, Bold as a Wild Strawberry, Sweet as a Naughty Girl, 2009
Fiona Rae, Maybe You Can Live on the Moon in the Next Century, 2009
Fiona Rae, Press My Buttons to Give Me Food and Love!, 2006
Fiona Rae,  The Woman Who Can Do Self-Expression Will Shine Through All Eternity, 2010
Fiona Rae,  We Go in Search of Our Dream ..., 2007

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