Saturday, 12 January 2013

Nadav Kander: Bodies. 6 Women, 1 Man - Flowers

Nadav Kander, Michael standing, 2010
Nadav Kander: Bodies, 6 Women, 1 Man is at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street until 9 February.
The bodies are coated in white marble dust and isolated against a dark background. Kander describes the work as an enquiry into what it feels like to be human.
Nadav Kander, Isley standing, 2010
Nadav Kander, Audrey with toes and wrist bent, 2011
Nadav Kander, Elizabeth with elbows hiding face, 2012
Nadav Kander, Michael curled away,  2012
Nadav Kander, Isley lying with white mouse on hip, 2012
Nadav Kander, Mengxi stamping, 2010
Nadav Kander, Michael curled with soft hand, 2012

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