Monday, 11 February 2013

Richard Artschwager, 1923 - 2013

Richard Artschwager, Piano, 1965
Richard Artschwager died on 9 February 2013.
Artschwager's signature works are his pieces of furniture: minimalist wooden forms with formica veneers which visually represent specific objects - tables, chairs, pianos, and so on. They seem dumb, a bit odd and  slightly irritating - but in a good way! They tease by eluding perceptual grasp, being neither quite image nor object.
Artschwager's other 'lines' included paintings, typically made in black acrylic on Celotex board, and  'Blps' (pronounced 'blips') - lozenge shaped interventions into public spaces, sometimes in the form of exclamation marks!
Read obituaries in Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. 
Richard Artschwager, Table with Pink Tablecloth, 1964
Richard Artschwager, Table and Chair, 1963-4
Richard Artschwager, Mirror/Mirror - Table/Table, 1964
Richard Artschwager, Door/Door II, 1984-5
Richard Artschwager, Trent, 2003
Richard Artschwager, Blp, installed in Whitney Museum, 2012

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