Thursday, 6 June 2013

Patrick Caulfield - Tate Britain

Patrick Caulfield is at Tate Britain until 1 September 2013.
Patrck Caulfield, Café Interior: Afternoon, 1973
I had forgotten what a beguiling and elegant artist Patrick Caulfield was. His precisely composed, precisely drawn, brilliantly coloured paintings mix deceptively, simple outline drawings with flat colour and occasional trompe l'oeil passages of detailed realism. They are mysterious, quiet and beautiful.
Read reviews by Laura Cumming and Richard Dorment, and a memoir of Caulfield by David Hare.

Patrick Caulfield, Portrait of Juan Gris, 1963

Patrick Caulfield, After Lunch, 1975

Patrick Caulfield, Pottery, 1969

Patrick Caulfield, Braque Curtain, 2005

Patrick Caulfield, Foyer, 1973

Patrick Caulfield, Bishops, 2004

Patrick Caulfield, Selected Grapes, 1981
Caulfield died in 2005 (read his obituary by William Feaver) and now rests in Highgate Cemetery in a self-designed tomb which declares in charactersistic, laconic style that he is DEAD!

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  1. Great post; I literally just found out about this artist.

    Also, thanks for labelling the name and year, I rarely see posts that do that - it helps a lot.