Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Reason to be Cheerful: Ian Dury - RCA

Ian Dury, Jemima Proust, 1969
Ian Dury: More Than Fair – Paintings, Drawings and Artworks,1961–1972 is at the RCA until 1 September 2013.
Ian Dury (1942-2000) was a student at the RCA between 1963 and 1966 and continued to paint until the early 1970s when music took over his life. 
This exhibition has been organised by Ian Dury's daughter Jemima along with Kosmo Vinyl (former manager of The Clash) and Jules Balme (fomer art director at Stiff Records).The exhibition title obviously refers to the song (You're More than Fair originally released as the B-side of Sweet Gene Vicent):
You're more than fair, you've got a gorgeous bum 
Why don't you come to my house and meet my mum... 
(it gets a bit rude after this) but perhaps also refers to Dury's own estimation of himself as an artist as related by Kosmo Vinyl:
"In the time I knew him, he completely downplayed [his art]. 'Good enough to know I wasn't good enough' was one of his quotes – but [looking at his art] I kind of beg to differ."

A Pop artist with a taste for 'naked ladies'. Listen to Jemima Dury and Humphrey Ocean talking about the exhibition to John Wilson on Front Row (23 July; begins at 13mins). Listen to Reasons to be Cheeerful, Part 3 (Why don't you get back into bed?)
Ian Dury, Sir Bernard and Lady Docker, c1965-7
Ian Dury, Night Boy, 1966
Ian Dury, Dany Bubbles
Ian Dury, Hey, Hey Mobile
Jemima Dury with some of  Ian Dury's work

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