Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Albert Irvin - Plymouth Art College

Albert Irvin, Plimsoll, 1979
I have a soft spot for Albert Irvin's joyous abstract paintings, particularly his work of the 1970s and 80s. Albert Irvin: Plimsoll is showing at Plymouth College of Art Gallery until 14 September.
The selection of works for the exhibition come from throughout Irvin's long career - he will celebrate his 91st birthday during the course of this exhibition - but will be themed around the use of blue.
The images selected here are not (necessarily) from the show but are my own selection of favourites. See more at at the Albert Irvin website.
Albert Irvin, Flodden, 1978
Albert Irvin, Cathay, 1979
Albert Irvin, Boadicea, 1979
Albert Irvin, Mile End, 1980
Albert Irvin, Sul Ross, 1981
Albert Irvin, Linden, 1983

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