Friday, 29 November 2013

The Show is Over - Gagosian

The Show is Over - well, it is now: Gagosian's exhibition finished on 30 November. However, I was very pleased to catch it a couple of days beforehand.
Christopher Wool,  Billboard, Carnegie International, Pittsburgh, 1991
A big group show including some big names - Warhol, Serra, Ryman, Twombly, Manzoni, Marden, Prince... (who just happen to be some of my personal favourites) and some that were new to me - Dan Colen, Gregor Hildebrandt, this was (according to the press release) ostensibly about abstraction and the end of painting, often proposed but never concluded. The selected works featured monochromes and a variety of challenges to the limits of painting and to the integrity of the picture plane (eg burning and slashing - by Yves Klein and Lucio Fontana respectively). I would have liked to buy the interesting looking catalogue and explored this idea further - but at £65 that wasn't going to happen! On the other hand, I was happy to come away with a piece of free art, courtesy of a collaboration between Felix González-Torres and Christopher Wool: visitors were free to remove sheets from the solid block formed by a neat stack of posters.
Below is a selection of my favourite pieces in the show. 
Read reviews by Jackie Wullschlager and Dan Coombs. See a video tour of the installation here.

Christopher Wool and Felix González-Torres
Andy Warhol, Little Electric Chair, 1965
Richard Prince, Untitled, 2012 (Rubber band, inkjet, staples, and acrylic on mounted newsprint)
Richard Serra, Elevational Weights, Black Matter, 2010
Robert Ryman, Untitled, 1963
Albert Oehlen, Untitled, 2008
Gerhard Richter, Grau (Grey), 1970
Cy Twombly, Untitled (New York City), 1968

Dan Colen, hippity flippity!, 2012 (Tar and feathers on canvas)

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