Saturday, 25 January 2014

Paul Klee - Tate Modern

Paul Klee, Greeting, 1922
Paul Klee: Making Visible is at Tate Modern until 9 March 2014.
This comprehensive exhibition of Klee's work has been at Tate Modern since last autumn and has garnered some ecstatic reviews (see below). Klee is especially celebrated for his visual inventiveness, wit and lightness of touch - his exemplary visual adventures arising from 'taking a line for a walk'. At his best he certainly is charming - I especially liked the 'fish' pictures, but I also found some of the more fully abstract works were a relief from the whimsicality and sheer sweetness that continually threaten to overwhelm in this large exhibition.
Read reviews by Laura Cumming, Adrian Searle, Richard Dorment and Adrian Hamilton.
Paul Klee, They're Biting, 1920
Paul Klee, Fish Magic, 1925
Paul Klee, Comedy, 1921
Paul Klee, A Young Lady's Adventure, 1922
Paul Klee, Steps, 1929
Paul Klee, Fire at Full Moon, 1933

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