Monday, 10 February 2014

Stuart Hall, 1932 - 2014

Dawoud Bey, Stuart Hall, 1998
Stuart Hall died on 10 February 2014.
The passing of Stuart Hall is a big loss. While his scholarship and contributions to the fields of sociology and cultural studies were profound (his ideas have affected me deeply and have informed my own teaching) I think most of all he will be missed for his intelligent analysis of politics and culture and for simply being an extraordinarily decent and charming person.
Read an obituary in The Guardian and by Roger Bromley; read an article by Stuart Jeffries, and an interview with Zoe Williams; listen to an interview with Laurie Taylor recorded in 2011 and Laurie Taylor's 'Thinking Allowed' tribute; watch him talking about Represention and the Media.
Stuart Hall (far right) with associates of The New Left Review, 1960s

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