Sunday, 28 December 2014

Castellani, Judd, Serra - Dominique Lévy

Frank Stella, Tetuan I, 1964
Local History: Castellani, Judd, Serra is at Dominique Lévy, London (and New York) until 17 January 2015.
How did I miss this? This exhibition opened on 13 October and I have only just picked up on it. An exhibition of early Stella and Judd (possibly my most favourite art of all time) alongside Enrico Castellani (who?). How did I not know about Castellani? I can't find him in any of my books about Minimalism or Judd - yet the press release for this exhibition asserts that Judd regarded [Castellani] as father of the style that came to be known as Minimalism. In fact he seems to be more readily contextualized in relation to Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni. Interesting.
Judging by the lists of works both shows look fabulous. 
Read a review by Roberta Smith.
The Stella above and the following works are included in the London exhibition:
Enrico Castellani, Superficie rossa, 1964

Donald Judd, Untitled (88-28 A/B Menziken), 1988
Donald Judd, Untitled, 1977
Frank Stella, Concentric Square, 1961
Frank Stella, Concentric Square, 1961
 The following works are included in the New York exhibition:
Frank Stella, East Broadway Sketch, 1958
Frank Stella, 5 Eldridge Street (Blue Horizon), 1958

Frank Stella, BAFT, 1965
Frank Stella, Ileana Sonnabend, 1963

Donald Judd, Untitled (DSS 41), 1963
Enrico Castellani, Superficie nera, 1959
Enrico Castellani, Superficie rigata bianca e blu, 1963

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