Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sean Scully - Cheim & Reid, NY

Sean Scully, Landline Yellow Yellow, 2014
Sean Scully: Landline is at Cheim & Reid, New York until 4 April 2015.
Sean Scully was interviewed on Front Row (broadcast 20 March, listen here) discussing his recent work, his forthcoming exhibition in Venice (6 May-22 November 2015) and his retrospective just opened in Beijing (随心而行:肖恩·斯库利艺术展,1964-2014伦敦|纽约).
In another recent interview Scully commented: "I’m not one of these people who is privileged with doubt. I look at my paintings sometimes and I think they’re fucking wonderful. I love them.” Well, me too - love his paintings that is; I have plenty of doubts!
So, although I won't get to see the wonderful work currently on show in New York (or the exhibitions in Venice and Beijing, come to that) I will make do with a selection of reproductions here.
(See also entry below.)
Read interview with Mark Lawson, listen to interview with John Wilson,  read Sean Scully on Why Abstraction Still Matters,
Sean Scully, Landline Wave, 2014
Sean Scully, Landline Pale Yellow, 2014
Sean Scully, Landline Fire, 2014
Sean Scully, Landline Beach, 2014
Sean Scully, Landline Skyline, 2014
Sean Scully, installation at Cheim & Reid, 2015

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