Saturday, 13 June 2015

Jason Brooks - Marlborough Contemporary

Jason Brooks, Origin I, 2015
Jason Brooks: Origins is at Marlborough Contemporary until 18 July 2015.
Jason Brooks (BA Fine Art, University of Gloucestershire, 1991) is a painter of extraordinary facility who executes monumental photo-realist portraits and richly textured abstractions with equal virtuosity. His work is also typically informed by a wickedly subversive intelligence and sense of humour - as is evident in the current show.
The visceral impact of the 'Origin' paintings is well described in the catalogue by Michael Bracewell,
 ... a seeming molten, liquefying, congealing, drooling, dripping, flaring and trailing chaos of ridges and deltas and novas and marbled accretions of alternately Stygian and industrially-bright multi-coloured paints.
The eye is seduced by the apparently wholly abstract gloops of colour until following the diagonals leading in from the top corners it detects a form coalescing out of the chaos, one that is irresistibly suggestive of Gustave Courbet's scandalous L'Origine du Monde (1866).
Download the exhibition catalogue here
Jason Brooks, Origin II, 2015
Jason Brooks, Origin III, 2015
Jason Brooks, Origin III, 2015 (detail)
Jason Brooks, Origin IV, 2015
Jason Brooks, Origin V, 2015
Jason Brooks, Origin VI, 2015
Jason Brooks, Origin I, 2015 (detail)

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