Sunday, 20 November 2016

Jason Martin - Lisson Gallery

Jason Martin, Sawa, 2015
Jason Martin is at the Lisson Gallery until 7 January 2017
Jason Martin has been making gorgeous, textured, monochrome paintings for more than twenty years now. His new show at Lisson Gallery includes an intriguing development in the form of relief sculptures. Martin has made silver-plated casts of thick impasto, plaster forms shaped by his painterly gestures. They look fabulous.
Read a review by Matthew Rudman.
Watch a short video of Martin talking about this work. (Don’t read the Lisson’s press release - except as a master class in artspeak!) 
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Jason Martin, Untitled (Davy’s Grey / Ivory Black), 2016
Jason Martin, Untitled (Coral Orange / Vermilion), 2016.
Jason Martin, Untitled (Ivory Black / Indian Yellow), 2016

Jason Martin, Fools of the Heart, 2016
Jason Martin, As Yet Untitled, 2015
Jason Martin, As Yet Untitled, 2016
Jason Martin, Itza, 2015
Jason Martin, Flintwinchthicken, 2015

Jason Martin, Untitled, 2016

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