Friday, 15 October 2010

Exhibition Roundup - (mid) October

An occasional, and highly selective, pick of current and forthcoming exhibitions. This is a supplement to the previously posted October list (see below).

Susan Derges, Arch 4 (summer), 2007/8
Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography at the V&A (13th October - 20th February 2011). The exhibition features: Floris Neusüss, Pierre Cordier, Susan Derges, Garry Fabian Miller and Adam Fuss - see short videos about their work here. Susan Derges writes about making Arch 4 (summer), (above), in The Guardian's 'My Best Shot', series.

An intriguing work by Christian Marclay is at White Cube (Mason's Yard, 15th October - 13th November): The Clock is a 24 hour video constructed out of thousands of clips from a vast range of films featuring shots of clocks and watches so that the narrative flows in real time and the film always shows the correct time! See here for more detail.

At the Hayward Gallery, Move: Choreographing You: Art & Dance (13th October- 9th January, 2011) explores the place of dance in art since the 1960s. See Judith Mackarell's article in The Guardian: How the 60s New York arts scene revolutionised dance.
Robert Morris, Body Space Motion Things, 1973

Gagosian is showing James Turrell at its Britannia Street gallery (13th October - 10th December) which features a work called Bindu Shards, described by the gallery as "a fully immersive visual and auditory work to be experienced by one person at a time". At the Davies Street gallery Gagosian is showing new paintings by Damien Hirst: Poisons + Remedies (11th October - 20th November).
Damien Hirst, These Days (detail), 2008/9

Marina Abramović, a key figure in the story of performance art, is the subject of an exhibition at the Lisson Gallery (13th October - 13th November). The exhibtion will include both a survey of her Rhythm series of performances, dating back to the 1970s and recent work.
Marina Abramović, Rhythm 10, 1973

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