Friday, 18 November 2011

Basil Beattie - James Hyman Fine Art

Basil Beattie, House of Tunnels, 2002
The gallery describes his work as follows: Building from his early engagement with Abstract Expressionism, in recent decades Beattie has increasingly adopted a system of pictographic signs; doorways, stairways, archways, ziggurats, corners and long tunnels. Despite their allusions to architectural spaces, Beattie sees these forms more as references to psychological states. Any illusion of space is also challenged by the raw physicality of the paint. 
Basil Beattie, Legend, 1986
Basil Beattie, Staring, 2002
Basil Beattie, The Moment Before, 2010
Basil Beattie, Time After Time
Basil Beattie, Untitled 2, 2000

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