Friday, 25 November 2011

Laura Oldfield Ford - Hales Gallery

Laura Oldfield Ford, Transmissions from a Discarded Future #10, 2011
Transmissions from a Discarded Future is an exhibition by Laura Oldfield Ford at Hales Gallery until 14 January, 2012. Ford is author of Savage Messiah, a sustained and angry critique of urban regeneration and a lament for a lost urban future; she is a committed psychogeographer exploring and documenting the urban fabric and its social narratives. 
Read text to accompany this exhibition and for her previous show at Hales Gallery: London 2013: Drifting Through the Ruins; see also interview in Mute magazine, a brief profile in The Guardian and Ford's blog, Savage Messiah.
Savage Messiah, the book, by Laura Oldfield Ford is published by Verso (2011) - read a review by Iain Sinclair.

Laura Oldfield Ford, Heygate Estate 1974 (detail), 2010
Laura Oldfield Ford, Violence Solves Problems (detail Ferrier Estate), 2010

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