Wednesday, 7 December 2011

London: The Mystery of Appearance - Haunch of Venison

Francis Bacon,  Pope I -study after Pope Innocent X by Velazquez, 1951
London: The Mystery of Appearance - Conversations between Ten Postwar Painters is an exhibition at Haunch Of Venison. The title is taken from a quotation from Francis Bacon:
To me, the mystery of painting today is how can appearance be made.  I know it can be illustrated, I know it can be photographed. But how can this thing be made so that you catch the mystery of appearance within the mystery of the making?... one knows by some accidental brushmarks suddenly appearance comes in with  a vividness that no accepted way of doing it would have brought about
Francis Bacon in Sylvester, David (1980) Interviews with Francis Bacon, 1962-1979, London: Thames and Hudson, p105
The exhibition presents work by ten British artists who sustained a commitment to figurative art through a period dominated by abstraction:  Michael Andrews, Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, Patrick Caulfield, William Coldstream, Lucian Freud, Richard Hamilton, David Hockney, Leon Kossoff and Euan Uglow.

See review by Andrew Graham-Dixon. The exhibition continues until 18 February 2012.
Michael Andrews, Study of a Head with a Green Turban, 1967
Frank Auerbach, Study of Primrose Hill, 1973-4
Frank Auerbach, Primrose Hill, Winter Sunshine, 1962-4
Patrick Caulfield,  Coloured Still Life, 1967
Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon (study), 1961
Leon Kossoff, Willesden Junction, Summer No.1, 1966
Euan Uglow, Nude, Lady C, 1959-60

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