Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2012

Pieter Hugo, Yakubu Al Hasan, Agbogbloshie Market, Accra, Ghana, 2009
Just as the winner of the 2011 Turner Prize (Martin Boyce) has been announced (see below), the shortlist for the 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize has been made public. This prize lacks the visibility of the Turner but has been the subject of some local debate (see below). The shortlisted photographers are: Pieter Hugo, Rinko Kawauchi, John Stezaker and Christopher Williams. Read comment by Sean O'Hagan.
Examples of their work are shown below. NB these images are selected from their oeuvres as a whole and are not necesarilly representative of the work for which they have been shortlisted. An exhibition of work by the selected photographers will be at the Photographers' Gallery next summer.
Pieter Hugo, Abdullahi Mohammed with Mainasara, Lagos, Nigeria, 2007
Pieter Hugo, Abdulai Yahaya
Pieter Hugo, Pieter and Maryna Vermeulen with Timana Phosiwa
Rinko Kawauchi, Untitled, from the series "Illuminance", 2009
Rinko Kawauchi, Untitled, from the series "Aila", 2003
Rinko Kawauchi, Untitled, from the series "Aila", 2004
Rinko Kawauchi, Untitled, from the series ‘the eyes, the ears’, 2005
JohnStezaker, Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XLIII, 2007
John Stezaker, Pair IV, 2007
John Stezaker, Blind I, 2006
JohnStezaker, Gothic II, 2009
Christopher Williams, Fachhochschule Aachen, Fachbereich Gestaltung, Studiengang: Visuelle Kommunikation, Fotolabor für Studenten, Boxgraben 100, Aachen, November 8th, 2010
Christopher Williams, Ritter Sport Von oben nach unten / from top to the bottom 100 g Tafeln / 100 g Bars Offizieller Produktname / Official Product Name / EAN Code Bar / UPC Code for Case / Bars per Case Voll Nuss / Whole Hazelnuts / 4000417019004 / 050255013005 / 10 Joghurt / Yogurt / 40004170270 09 / 050255027000 / 12 Voll Endnuss / 4000417262202 / ... / 10 Weisse Voll Nuss / White Whole Hazelnuts / 4000417013002 / 050255013003 / 10 Marzipan / Marzipan / 400041725005 / 050255025006 / 12 Cappuccino / Cappuccino / 40004172300 03 / 0550255230042 / 12 Fotostudio Axel Gnad, Düsseldorf, October 24th, 2008 [No. 1], 2009

Christopher Williams, Linhof Technika V fabricated in Munich, Germany. Salon Studio Stand fabricated in Florence, Italy. Dual cable release. Prontor shutter. Symar-s lens 150mmm/f 5.6 Schneider kreuznach. Sinar fresnel lens placed with black tape on the ground glass. Dirk Schaper Studio, Berlin, June 20, 2007, 2008
Christopher Williams, Tenebrionidae Asbolus verrucosus Death Feigning Beetle Silverlake, California October 1, 1996, 1996

Christopher Williams, Bergische Bauernscheune, Junkersholz, Leichlingen
September 29th, 2009
, 2010

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