Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Indiscipline of Painting - Mead Gallery

Bridget Riley, Cantus Firmus, 1972-3
The Indiscipline of Painting: International Abstraction from the 1960s to Now is an exhibition of 49 artists, currently showing at the Mead Gallery at Warwick Arts Centre and continuing until 10 March. The exhibition has been selected by Daniel Sturgis and has been organised by the Mead Gallery in collaboration with Tate St Ives where it was shown October to January. Read a review by Mark Harris in Art Monthly, No,353, February 2012, pp27-8.
Artists include: Tomma Abts, Daniel Buren, Ingrid Calame, Keith Coventry, Michael Craig‑Martin, Bernard Frize, Tim Head, Peter Halley, Jane Harris, Alex Hubbard, Bob Law, Sherrie Levine, Jeremy Moon, Gerhard Richter, Bridget Riley, Robert Ryman, Sean Scully, Frank Stella, Daniel Sturgis, Niele Toroni, Richard Tuttle, Andy Warhol
Tomma Abts, Thiale, 2004
Ingrid Calame, Step on a Crack, Break Your Mother's Back, 2009
Michael Craig-Martin, Mirror Painting, 1990-2011
Bernard Frize, Suite Segond 100 No 3, 1980
Alex Hubbard, Horse Camp No. 1, 2010
Dan Sturgis No Other Home, 2011

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