Monday, 16 January 2012

N.E.W. + Lund Quartet - Xposed Club, 20th January

Poster by Mark Unsworth
Xposed Club returns: the first concert of the new year will be on Friday, 20 January in its new space at the Centre for Art & Photography at the Hardwick Campus on St. Paul's Road, Cheltenham.
The event will be headlined by N.E.W. - Steve Noble, drums, John Edwards, double bass, Alex Ward, guitar. Listen to samples here.
Stewart Lee wrote: The bass player John Edwards turns up on the best British free-jazz recordings. The drummer Steve Noble cleaves through improvisatory rumblings with dramatic, decisive moves. And the guitarist Alex Ward, a compulsively creative polymath of indiscriminately omnivorous appetite, is a reliably unpredictable axe-hero for collaborators of all backgrounds. The trio’s second record posits a bricolage bebop, an ugly ecstatic jazz, played on sheet metal, broken glass and barbed wire. Coming Up for Air bubbles like an electric soup, and an elastically extended Empty Ballroom finds Edwards and Noble stretching back to catapult Ward’s electric guitar far beyond the gravitational pull of Planet Rock. 

N.E.W. will be supported by Lund Quartet - Simon Adcock, piano and Theremin, Jake Wittlin, turntable, Sam Muscat, drums and Rob Childs, double bass.
Audio and videos here.
£6.00 (students £3.00) on the door, starts at 8.00pm.

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