Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Floor Show: Gravity and Materials - Gagosian, Beverly Hills

Robert Therrien, No title (pallet), 2007
Oh to be in California! I ususally confine myself to listing UK shows, but The Floor Show: Gravity and Materials at Gagosian, Beverly Hills looks to be such a splendid exhibition, I couldn't resist giving it a mention. An exhibition that includes work by Andy Warhol, Carl Andre and Richard Serra is, I think, something worth knowing about. The piece by Robert Therrien (above) is new to me but is destined to enter my personal canon of great works. Other featured artists include, Richard Long, Rachel Whiteread, Mike Kelley, Robert Morris, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Tom Sachs, Lynda Benglis, John Chamberlain and Barry Le Va - watch a video of the 'smashing' installation of Le Va's piece (below), here. The exhibition continues until 28 July.
Baryy Le Va, Set I A placed B placed; Set II A dropped. B dropped.; Set III A placed. B dropped.; Set IV placed, 1968
Andy Warhol, Dance Diagram, 1962
Richard Serra, Malmo Roll, 1984
Rachel Whiteread, Black Bed, 1991
Tom Sachs, 4' x 8' Sheet of Plywood, 2011
Installation view of Floor Show: Gravity and Materials, with work by (left to right), Lynda Benglis, Richard Serra, Richard Long and Felix Gonzalez-Torres

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