Monday, 25 June 2012

Alan Smith and Bertrand Henry - Galerie Hus

Alan Smith, Trace 4, 1988
Bertrand Henry & Alan Smith: Archives Fugitives is showing at Galerie Hus, Paris, until 15 September 2012.
Alan Smith (a former Course Leader of Fine Art at the University of Gloucestershire) has made drawings which derive from intense observation of minute details of everyday life.  I work always from memory, not direct observation, using simply a pencil and eraser.  I’m fascinated by objects and images which have been forgotten or overlooked; so familiar that they become invisible. I believe it’s possible to take these images, hovering at the edge of our vision and, by imbuing them with fresh meaning, to reveal their emotional charge. (From Galerie Hus.) Read a critique by Joyce Cheng.
Alan Smith, Fugitive Archive 42011, 2011
Alan Smith, Fugitive Archive 132011, 2011
Alan Smith, Sans Titre 1, 1996
Bertrand Henry creates portraits and landscapes in very small format in India ink (and often in ballpoint pen). He redirects our gaze to a concept of place based on a poetic mix of imaginative vision and concrete reality. His concern is not reportage but in conveying an idea of landscape, ‘linked to memory’. (Rainer Michael Mason/Galerie Hus.)
Bertrand Henry

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