Monday, 18 June 2012

Bruce Nauman: Days / Soundworks - ICA

Bruce Nauman, Untitled, 2008
Bruce Nauman: Days at the ICA, 19 June - 16 September, is the UK premiere of a work which Nauman created for the 2009 Venice Biennale where he won a 'Golden Lion'. The work is a sound installation which presents a continuous stream of seven voices reciting the days of the week in random order. Fourteen flat panel speakers will be installed in the lower gallery, one voice emanating from each pair of speakers as the visitor passes between them. There are men’s voices and women’s voices, old and young. Some speak swiftly, others with pause, each with his or her own cadence. The collection of distinctive voices produces a chorus—at times cacophonous, at others, resonant—and creates a sonic cocoon that envelops the visitor. The work invokes both the banality and the profundity of the passing of each day, and invites reflection on how we measure, differentiate, and commemorate time. (Text from ICA and MoMA.)
Also 'showing' at the ICA is Soundworks: One hundred new sound works have been produced by artists from all over the world... The artists have been invited to submit a sound work, taking its stimulus from themes evoked in Bruce Nauman's 'Days', presented concurrently in the lower gallery, as part of our season on sound.(Text from the ICA,)
Listen to a selection of the soundworks here and more here.

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