Sunday, 14 October 2012

Maciej Dakowicz: "Cardiff After Dark" - Third Floor Gallery

Maciej Dakowicz: "Cardiff After Dark" is at the Third Floor Gallery, Cardiff, 14 October - 2 December.
Polish born Maciej Dakowicz has been photographing night life on the streets of Cardiff since 2005 - a book of his pictures has just been published by Thames & Hudson
The pictures present a wide-eyed, occasionally jaw-dropping, portrait of the contemporary weekend pursuit of love, liquor and laughs – with the seemingly inevitable accompaniment of violence, vomit and oblivion. And, as Sean O’Hagan points out, litter ‘so much litter’. Extraordinary pictures.
Read an article by Sean O’Hagan, and an interview with Eric Kim. See Dakowicz’s website and Flickr site.

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