Thursday, 1 November 2012

Seduced by Art: Photography Past & Present - National Gallery

Richard Billingham, Hedgerow (New Forest), 2003
Richard Billingham, lecturer in photography at the University of Gloucestershire, is one of the artists featured in the first ever major exhibition of photography at the National Gallery: Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present. The exhibition continues until 20 January 2013.
The exhibition presents photography from the mid-19th  century to the 21st century alongside historical painting. It looks at how photographers have been influenced and inspired by fine art traditions. 
Contemporary photographers include: Richard Billingham, Thomas Struth, Nan Goldin,  Ori Gersht, Luc Delahaye, Martin Parr, Tacita Dean, Jeff Wall, Tom Hunter, Tina Barney, Craigie Horsfeld, Sam Taylor-Wood, Richard Learoyd and Maisie Broadhead; historical figures include: Julia Margaret Cameron,  Roger Fenton, Oscar Rejlander and Gustave Le Gray. See a selection of examples below.
Read articles and reviews by Laura Cumming, Michael Prodger, Jonathan Jones, Richard Dorment, Brian Sewell; watch a video of Sam Taylor-Wood's Still Life (2001).
Thomas Struth, National Gallery 1, London, 1985
Ori Gersht, Blow Up, Untitled 5, 2007
Julia Margaret Cameron,  Iago (Study from an Italian), c1867
Maisie Broadhead, Keep Them Sweet, 2010
Luc Delahaye, US Bombing on Taliban Positions, 2001
Jeff Wall, The Destroyed Room, 1978
Sam Taylor-Wood, Still Life, 2001 (Film still - watch video here)

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