Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lisa Lavery, Nicky Fordyce, Lucy Gresley and Denise Cain - The Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham

Lucy Gresley, Self Portrait III, 2012
Fourthoughts, an exhibition of work by four Gloucestershire based artists - Lisa Lavery, Nicky Fordyce, Lucy Gresley and Denise Cain - is at The Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham from 22-28 May 2013.
Lisa Lavery,  Lunaria
Lisa Lavery is a photographer who makes camera-less images, using methods that reach back to the invention of the medium. The work on show includes photograms – images made by placing objects directly onto light sensitive material – made from leaves and seeds, objects related to Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a bicycle!

Nicky Fordyce, Untitled
Nicky Fordyce is a photographer who uses long exposures and creative lighting to make ‘bodyscapes’ – images of the body and face which explore personal and family relationships.

Lucy Gresley, Fall, 2012
Lucy Gresley’s art practice is rooted in drawing, but she experiments with a range of media and techniques to explore the psychology and philosophy of human relations and feelings.

Denise Cain,  Untitled
Denise Cain,  from Water and Air series
Denise Cain works in photography, printmaking and sculpture, exploring materials and textures to make works which evoke and preserve memories, and express tranquillity and beauty.

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