Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pauline Boty - Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Pauline Boty, The Only Blonde In The World, 1963
Pauline Boty: Pop Artist and Woman is at Wolverhampton Art Gallery until 16 November 2013.
Boty was one of the stars of British Pop Art - alongside Peter Blake, David Hockney, Derek Boshier, Peter Phillips and others. Her premature death, at 28 in 1966, and the chauvinism of art history mean that she is less well known than she should be. Hopefully this exhibition along with a concurrent display of photographs and memorabilia at Mach Schau will help to remedy this.
Pauline Boty, 5-4-3-2-1, 1963
Pauline Boty, Colour Her Gone, 1962
Pauline Boty, Bum, 1966
Pauline Boty, Nude Woman ina Coastal Landscape (nd)
Pauline Boty, It's A Man's World II, 1965
Pauline Boty, Countdown to Violence, 1964
Pauline Boty in her studio in 1964 with her now lost painting Scandal '63

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