Saturday, 20 September 2014

Chris Dunseath - The Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham

Chris Dunseath, Corrugated Space, 2009 (Laminated Mulberry Paper)
Chris Dunseath: Sculpture and Stars is at The Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham until 28 September 2014.
Chris Dunseath is the winner of the Wilson Award 2014 for his work selected for the Open West 2014. This exhibition brings together an impressive range of work in a variety of media, including paper pulp, stone, wood and very fine pen and ink drawing. Duseath's preoccupation is a visualisation of ideas arising from theoretical physics - in particular, the notion of the multiverse. The results are formally delightful sculptures and intricate drawings.
Dunseath is a graduate of Gloucester College of Art & Design (1968-71) - now the University of Gloucestershire - so it is particularly pleasing to see his work exhibited in the town of his formative years where Fine Art education continues to flourish.
Chris Dunseath, The Einstein-Rosen Bridge, 2001 (Limewood & Ash veneer)
Chris Dunseath, Cherry Reflection, 2007 (Cherry & Ash veneer)
Chris Dunseath, Last Quarter, 2011 (Pen & ink on paper)
Chris Dunseath, In the Time of Supernova PTF-11Kly, (Pen & ink on paper)
Chris Dunseath, Castle Hill, 2011 (Pen & ink on paper)
Chris Dunseath, It's Full of Stars, 2009 (Paper pulp)

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