Saturday, 13 September 2014

Crucible 2 - Gloucester Cathedral (Part 2)

John Hoskin, Cantilever Square, Welded Steel
Crucible 2 is at Gloucester Cathedral until 31 October 2014.
Some supplementary images to main blog entry here. Click on images to enlarge.
Ralph Brown, Pomona, Bronze
John Buck, Underdog, Bronze and Lead
Ann Christopher, Split Shadow, Plaster
Nigel Hall, Southern Shade III, MDF
Marcus Harvey, Victoria, Bronze
Steve Hurst, Gloucester in Berlin, Bronze, Steel and Wood (detail)
Alistair Mackie,  Untitled (Sphere),  Mouse Skulls, Wood and Glass
Jordi Raga, Thames, Marble
Peter Randall-Page, Maquette for Seed, Bronze

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