Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tim Hetherington, 1970 - 2011; Chris Hondros, 1970 - 2011

Two outstanding photojournalists, Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros were killed on 20th April, 2011, by an explosion in Misrata while covering the conflict in Libya. Read an obituary for Tim Hetherington, and Roger Tooth and Sean Smith on the challenges of war photojournalism. 
Tim Hetherington, militants, Nigeria, 2006
Tim Hetherington, a man carries a child wounded during an American helicopter attack, Afghanistan, 2007
Chris Hondros, A child felled by a mortar, carrying a bag of cassava leaves back to his family.
Chris Hondros, A child soldier  in Monrovia, Liberia

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