Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Antoni Tàpies, 1923 - 2012

Antoni Tàpies, Metal Shutter and Violin, 1956
Antoni Tàpies died on 6 February, 2012. The Spanish artist's abstractions are notable for the use of readymade objects, sombre, rich colours, and textured materials - marble dust and sand mixed with pigment and varnish. He was, arguably, one of the greatest of European abstractionists. 
Read an obituary by Christopher Masters.
Antoni Tàpies, Matter in the Form of a Foot, 1965
Antoni Tàpies, Great Painting, 1958
Antoni Tàpies, Grey and Green Painting, 1957
Antoni Tàpies, Grey Ochre, 1958
Antoni Tàpies, Creu I R, 1975

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