Monday, 20 February 2012

David LaChapelle: Earth Laughs in Flowers - Robilant + Voena

David LaChapelle, The Lovers
I am not a fan of David LaChapelle's work, though I know many are: I find his mannered, baroque excess repellent. According to an article by Elizabeth Day LaChapelle 'retired' from the fashion world, six years ago, to concentrate on art photography. This exhibition at Robilant + Voena, Earth Laughs in Flowers is his take on the vanitas theme in which the traditional motifs are supplemented by contemporary objects. There is certainly something compelling about these lush, suffocating images and I think they very effectively represent the idea that all is vanity. But I don't like them!
Watch a video of LaChapelle talking about his work. 
David LaChapelle, America
David LaChapelle, Early Fall
David LaChapelle, Springtime

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