Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lise Sarfati: She - Brancolini Grimaldi

Lise Sarfati, Sloane #07, Oakland CA, 2007
Lise Sarfati: She, at Brancolini Grimaldi,  is a photographic portrait study of 4 American women: sisters Gina and Christine, and Christine's daughters, Sloane and Sasha. The photographs were taken on Kodachrome slide film and made over a period of 4 years, 2005-2009. 
Sarfati has photographed [the women] separately in various settings from the interiors of Victorian houses to outside on the street.  Sometimes wearing wigs or make up, it is hard to distinguish the pairs of sisters from each other and there is a sense that their identity is fluid, almost interchangeable.  Their expressions are often inscrutable though each photograph is filled with psychological intensity and often melancholia too… the individual images of these four women make up one story. (From the gallery website.)
Read a review by Sean O'Hagan and watch a video interview with Sarfati; See more work by the artist here, read an article by Sandra S Phillips written for Aperture Magazine, No194, Spring 2009, and an interview by François Adragna published by ASX (American Suburb X).
Lise Sarfati, Gina #12, Oakland CA, 2009
Lise Sarfati, Gina #09, Berkeley CA, 2009
Lise Sarfati, Christine #06, San Francisco CA, 2005
Lise Sarfati, Christine #45, Pioneertown CA, 2008
Lise Sarfati, Sloane #06, Oakland CA, 2005
Lise Sarfati, Sloane #68, Oakland CA, 2009
Lise Sarfati, Sasha #20, Emeryville CA, 2007

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