Sunday, 22 April 2012

Alex Prager - Michael Hoppen Contemporary

Alex Prager, Eye #1, 2012
The exhibition comprises photographs of constructed scenes inspired by tragedies in the media, interspersed with close-ups of eyes. The work is influenced by that of  Weegee and Enrique Metinides as well as films such as Metropolis and Un Chien Andalou. The exhibition will also feature a short film:
La Petite Mort declares that “the act of dying, and the act of transcendent love, are two experiences cut from the same cloth - the former a grand exit, and the latter a slow escape. Indeed, many of the world’s greatest poets have long considered a passionate interlude as man’s closest moment to seeing god.”
(From the gallery website.)
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Alex Prager, 4:01pm Sun Valley, 2012
Alex Prager, 4:29pm Van Nuys, 2012
Alex Prager, Film Still #1, 2012
Alex Prager, Compulsion #1, 2012
Alex Prager, 3:32pm Coldwater Canyon, 2012
Alex Prager, Film Still #2, 2012

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