Monday, 30 April 2012

William Klein - Outstanding Contribution to Photography

William Klein, Antonia Simone Barbershop, New York, 1961
A great photographer; a great artist. 
Some work is on show at Someret House as part of the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition until 20 May. More excitingly he will be the subject of  joint retrospective with Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern in October. The pairing seems a good one, but Klein's comment to Sean O'Hagan was "I think it's kind of stupid". Read the full article here.
I would look at my contact sheets and my heart would be beating, you know. To see if I’d caught what I wanted. Sometimes, I’d take shots without aiming, just to see what happened, I’d rush into crowds – bang! bang! I liked the idea of luck and taking a chance. Other times I’d frame a composition I saw and plant myself somewhere, longing for some accident to happen.
Klein, William (1981) Photographs: An Aperture Monograph, New York: Aperture, p16
William Klein, St Patrick’s Day, Fifth Avenue, 1954-5
William Klein, Club Allegro Fortissimo, Paris, 1989
William Klein, Candy Store, 1955
William Klein, Bikini, Moscow, 1959
William Klein, Selwyn, 42nd Street, New York, 1955
William Klein, Dance Happening, Tokyo, 1961
William Klein, Crowd, Broadway and 103rd Street, NY, 1954-5

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