Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Damien Hirst - Tate Modern

Damien Hirst, Black Sun, 2004 (flies and resin on canvas)
The Damien Hirst retrospective is at Tate Modern until 9 September. The show promises to be both spectacular and entertaining - traits which are both Hirst's strength and weakness. One can hardly fail to be impressed by the physical scale of ambition, to be fascinated or repelled by the flies and viscera. This show is perhaps the moment to decide whether it all adds up to more than energetic showmanship.
Read reviews by Adrian Searle, Laura Cumming, Richard Dorment and Brian Dillon and visit the new Damien Hirst website (featuring live videocam feed from his studio).
Damien Hirst, With Dead Head, 1991 (version of photograph, 1981)
Damien Hirst, A Thousand Years, 1990
Damien Hirst, A Thousand Years, 1990 (detail)
Damien Hirst, isolated Elements Swimming inthe Same Direction for the Purpose of Understanding (Left), 1991
Damien Hirst, Lullaby, the Seasons, 2002 (detail)
Damien Hirst, For the Love of God, 2007

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