Friday, 27 April 2012

Out of Focus: Photography - Saatchi Gallery

Matt Collishaw, Madonna, 2002
Out of Focus: Photography at The Saatchi Gallery is a wide ranging, but selective, survey of contemporary art photography. 38 artists are featured, including both familiar and unfamiliar names; approaches are varied and include artists using found images and working in collage and montage and, as in the Collishaw example above, ceramic, cement, wood and paint!
A selection of examples is shown below: click on images to enlarge; see the Saatchi website for full details.
Ryan McGinley, Untitled (Morrisey 15), 2006
Katy Grannan, Anonymous, Los Angeles, Boulevard 24, 2009/11
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, ALIAS: Dora Fobert (1925-1943). Image 5 from the archive of Adela K, Ca 1942, 2011
Andreas Gefeller, Untitled (Academy of Arts, R 209), 2009
Mikhael Subotzky, Residents, Vaalkoppies (Beaufort West Rubbish Dump), 2006
Pinar Yolaçan, Untitled, 2003
Laurel Nakadate, Lucky Tiger #9, 2009
David Benjamin Sherry, Ultimate Earth, 2011

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