Saturday, 17 March 2012

David Hall: End Piece... - Ambika P3

David Hall, still from Interruption Piece, from TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces), 1971
David Hall: End Piece... is at Ambika P3 until 22 April.
David Hall was a pioneer of video art. His early TV interventions in the early 1970s may now seem technologically quaint but they also represent a radicalism in 'public art' that is unthinkable roday. In 1971 Hall made '10 'TV Interruptions' for Scottish Television which were broadcast unannounced in August and September of that year. A selection of these were later issued as 7 TV Pieces. These will be shown at the Ambika P3 exhibition. (See an excerpt from Tap Piece here and Interruption Piece ('Burning TV') here.)
The exhibition includes a major new work: 1001 TV Sets (End Piece) 1972-2012, which will mark the end of analogue TV in the UK as London switches to digital on 18 April. The piece is described as follows: 1001 cathode ray TV sets, of all ages and conditions... will be tuned to different analogue stations playing randomly in a cacophony of electronic signals, gradually reducing between April 4 and April 18, as the final analogue signals are broadcast from London's Crystal Palace. When transmission is turned off, the multiple sets will emit only terminal audio hiss and a visual sea of white noise. (From Ambika P3 website.)
David Hall, still from Tap Piece, from TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces) 1971
David Hall, still from TV Shoot Out Piece, from TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces) 1971
David Hall, 101 TV Sets, installation 1972-1975

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