Friday, 9 March 2012

Man Ray (Film & Music Night) - Xposed Club, 14 March

Poster by Mark Unsworth
On Wednesday 14 March, Xposed Club will present an evening of improvised music to accompany a selection of silent films in the Chapel of Francis Close Hall, at the University of Gloucestershire.
Peter Urpeth (piano) and Stuart Wilding (percussion) will create soundtracks for Man Ray's 1928 film L'Etoile De Mer (The Starfish) and Emak-Bakia (Leave Me Alone) from 1926, as well as Dimitri Kirsanoff's 1929 Brumes d’Automne (Autumn Mists). They will then be joined by the Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra to accompany videos by Michael Basov.
Watch: L'Etoile de Mer, Emak-Bakia, Brumes d'Automne, and films by Michael Basov.

Kiki de Montparnasse in a still from Emak-Bakia by Man Ray (1926)
Kiki de Montparnasse in a still from L'etoile de Mer by Man Ray (1928)
Nadia Sibirskaia in a still from Brumes d'Automne by Dimitri Kirsanoff (1929)
Michael Basov, still from Rooks
Michael Basov, still from Digital Clepsydra
Michael Basov, still from Perforated Memory

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