Saturday, 24 March 2012

Simon Linke: Untitled (Portraits) - Karsten Schubert

Simon Linke, Untitled (Eva Hesse), 2011
Simon Linke: Untitled (Portraits) is showing at Karsten Schubert until 20 April. This series of monochrome portraits of selected artists - Eva Hesse, Claude Monet, Robert Rauschenberg and others - are drawn in pencil from images found in Artforum and then covered in a colour wash of oil paint. This is a departure in style, but a continuation of Linke's mining of Artforum. He is best known for his succulent, impasto paintings of the magazine's covers and advertisements. See selected examples below, included here just because I like them so much. (In view of the imminent Damien Hirst fest (Tate Modern from 4 April) it seemed appropriate to include a couple of Linke's 'Hirst' works.)
Read the late Stuart Morgan on Linke in Frieze from 1997; see more work at
Simon Linke, Untitled (Claude Monet), 2011
Simo Linke, Hirst/Nader
Simon Linke, Hirst/The Elusive Truth
Simon Linke, Opie, 2006
Simon Linke, Artforum May 2007

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