Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ha Ha What Does This Represent? - Standpoint

Ad Reinhardt, How to Look at Modern Art in America (detail), 1946
A detail from Ad Reinhardt's 1946 drawing, How to Look at Modern Art in America, provides the title for an exhibition of contemporary abstract painting at the Standpoint Gallery until 31 March: Ha Ha What Does This Represent? 
Exhibiting artists are:
The exhibition is sponsored by abstract critical - see article by David Ryan.
NB Selected illustrations below are representative of the artists' work but are not necessarilly works included in the exhibition.
Andrew Bick, OGV [Double Spider] Dirty B, 2009
Emma Biggs & Matthew Collings, The Unseen, 2010
Katrina Blannin, Ultrapolation, 2009
Ben Cove, Crosses and Quadrangles, 2011
Alex Gene Morrison, Vanish, 2010
Carol Robertson, Starstream, 2011
Daniel Sturgis, Living Well, 2007
Trevor Sutton, Japanese Folk Song, 2011

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