Friday, 9 March 2012

Gilbert & George: London Pictures - White Cube

Gilbert & George, Schoolboy, 2011
Gilbert & George have, over recent years, been systematically stealing newspaper bill posters from newsagents - 3712 in total. Now 292 of these posters have been turned into the London Pictures, 72 of which are currently being exhibited at the 3 London White Cube galleries until 12 May. Grouped together by themes - yobs, schoolboys, stabbings, killers, paedos - they add up to a gruesome portrait of contemporary London life.
Read a profile of the artists by Nicholas Wroe, a news report about the exhibition and exhibition notice on the White Cube website.
Gilbert & George,  Sex & Money, 2011
Gilbert & George,  Knife Murder, 2011
Gilbert & George,  Paedo, 2011
Gilbert & George,  Cemetery, 2011
Gilbert & George,  City Money, 2011
Gilbert & George,  Kills Straight, 2011

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